Custom Features
Our software is built in a modular fashion which enables us to add extra features and functionality to your message board

If you would like a quote for a custom feature, please contact

Import Data From
Existing Forum
We can convert your existing forum structure to run on our software:
Topics, Posts, Boards and Members

Pricing From £30

Pricing varies based on the size of forum & forum software used. Avaliability of this funtionality varies based on your current provider. We may require a copy of your existing database to analyse first.
Converting to vForums Business Services
At Virtual Forums we are so keen to encourage new premium users that we will go to extraordinary lengths to help convert your existing forum or message board onto our platform. All we need from you is a copy of your current forum database.

On a standard conversion will would transfer all forum structure (categories & boards), topics, posts, polls and users. Any template you are using can be converted but this is as a separate service.

Platform Timeframe Cost (per 1,000 posts)
MyBB 14 Days £30
phpBB 14 Days £40
vBulletin 14 Days £90

If your current provider is not listed then please contact us with details on what forum software you are currently using. Our team can then run some tests on this software to determine if it is feasible to convert or not.

If you are looking to have a very large forum converted, one with thousands of posts, then please contact us for details on our bulk pricing.

Silver Package
£120 per annum  or  £12 per month
Monthly Bandwidth Limit of 100GB
Disk Space Limit of 2GB

One off Setup Fee: £50

Ideal for new forums
Gold Package
£250 per annum  or  £23 per month
No Setup Fee
Monthly Bandwidth Limit of 300GB
Disk Space Limit of 10GB

Ample space for any medium
to large forum