Silver Package
£120 per annum  or  £12 per month
Monthly Bandwidth Limit of 100GB
Disk Space Limit of 2GB

One off Setup Fee: £50

Ideal for new forums
About vForums Business Services
Virtual Forums was released in 2007 as a provider of ad-supported, hosted message boards. Since then the software has undergone many changes, updates and improvements. The latest stable version is now "Version 2".

The Ad-Supported "Free" services still form a key part of our business plan. They provide us with a great community able to give feedback, suggestions and testing which helps us make our software even better.

The entire Virtual Forums platform was written by and is still maintained by Ross McLellan. Ross is primarily a PHP / MySql web application developer although he likes to get involved with all aspects of the development process from concept right through to testing. He works with Webskills UK Ltd who provide and support the Virtual Forums services on his behalf.
Gold Package
£250 per annum  or  £23 per month
No Setup Fee
Monthly Bandwidth Limit of 300GB
Disk Space Limit of 10GB

Ample space for any medium
to large forum